Upgrade FC5 to FC6 with yum

Now that Fedora Core 6 is available it is time to upgrade those old crusty FC5 installs. To upgrade from FC5 you can follow these steps:

  1. You may be able to skip this step but I did a yum update on FC5 first to make sure everything there was up to date and worked before moving to FC6.
  2. Do a "yum clean all" to remove all the old yum cruft.
  3. Install the fedora-release for Fedora Core 6. Use the rpm command:
    rpm -Uhv http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/6/i386/os/Fedora/RPMS/fedora-release-6-4.noarch.rpm http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/6/i386/os/Fedora/RPMS/fedora-release-notes-6-3.noarch.rpm
  4. Run the yum update: yum -y update. At this point I had to remove a few packages to get past dependency issues they weren't important and I just added them back after the update.

If you are still on FC4 you can upgrade from FC4 to FC5 first.

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  1. jon

    … A good starting point for me, but like a number of people I guess I've butchered certain rpms over the lifetime of my machine. Dependencies then failed in yum around the kernel area.
    To fix this I had to manually start the process by installling (not upgrading!) the kernel, then i had to install (again install not upgrade) the xscreensaver and associated dependencies so that hal could be upgraded.
    That done yum did its stuff on update…. all looks good, I think.. :)

  2. I had to do another 'yum clean all' after installing the rpms.

  3. Well…
    This tip was very, very comprehensive…
    I had search all the day for someone to help me to upgrade to FC6, and this tip was fundamental…
    I got it!!!

  4. Eric

    Just for those who might be using multi-processor machines, it seems there isn't an SMP kernel package yet and until they release it my machine is apparently forced to stay at fc5 though if I wanted to install the standard kernel it would upgrade just fine. I guess I'll be waiting till they get it standardized.

  5. xerk


    From what I see now, there aren't seperate kernels for FC6, like with all the versions before. Instead, it is one kernel that detects whether or not you have a multi-processor machine and runs accordingly.

  6. kathryn

    There is no separate smp kernel for fedora core 6. The default kernel twiddles itself between smp and up as needed. Its all documented in the release notes.

  7. Tim

    Make sure there is enough space in the yum cache (/var/cache/yum). You'll need around 900 MB to download all updates. You can move the yum cache by changing /etc/yum.conf item cachedir.

  8. Tim

    One other thing, the yum daily scan for updates has been moved out of cron. A new package, yum-updatesd, is required.

    Package diskdumputils no longer functions. The replacement is kernel-kdump and kexec-tools. These are required to catch kernel panics.

  9. Andy

    When I tried to install fedora-release-notes-6-3.noarch.rpm, I had a dependency fail:
    /etc/redhat-release is needed by (installed) initscripts-8.31.6-1.i386. Fedora-release.noarch is installed. The /etc/redhat-release is a symbolic link to fedora-release, and its there…what am I missing?

  10. andre


    # Run the yum update: yum -y update. At this point I had to remove a few packages to get past dependency issues they weren't important and I just added them back after the update.

    how do u do this step? to remove packages that we don't want to install? i did use –exclude option from yum..but it doesn't work at all?
    any suggestion?

  11. Pekka

    You can remove packages with

    rpm –erase –repackage pkgname

    –repackage is only needed if you plan to reinstall them some day.

  12. andre

    oooww…remove the packages..i c..thx
    i thought they did it through yum..
    it's working now..upgrading my system :D
    thx again pekka

  13. G. Wayne Nichols

    Andy writes:

    When I tried to install fedora-release-notes-6-3.noarch.rpm, I had a dependency fail:
    /etc/redhat-release is needed by (installed) initscripts-8.31.6-1.i386. Fedora-release.noarch is installed. The /etc/redhat-release is a symbolic link to fedora-release, and its there…what am I missing?

    Solution: install both fedora-release-6-4 and fedora-release-notes-6-3 at the same time.

  14. Leo

    DON'T DO IT!!!!

    Thanks for trying guys, but after going through these steps yum hangs, then rpm hangs with message:

    rpmdb: unable to lock mutex: Invalid argument

    which yields nothing on google other than someone else confirming that it doesn't work. RPM hangs so hard it can't even catch ctrl+c.

  15. I'm getting a package conflict for hal;
    # Error: Package hal conflicts with kernel = 0.5.7 is needed by (installed) gnome-mount-0.4-5.i386
    hal >= 0.5.0 is needed by (installed) gnome-volume-manager-1.5.15-1.i386
    hal >= 0.5.0 is needed by (installed) hal-cups-utils-0.5.5-1.2.fc5.2.i386
    hal >= 0.5.0 is needed by (installed) nautilus-cd-burner-2.14.3-2.fc5.i386
    hal >= 0.2.96 is needed by (installed) kudzu-
    hal >= 0.5.0 is needed by (installed) NetworkManager-0.6.4-1.fc5.i386
    hal >= 0.5.0 is needed by (installed) NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.4-1.fc5.i386
    hal >= 0.5.7-3.fc5.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-power-manager-2.14.3-1.i386
    hal = is needed by (installed) hal-gnome-

    What can I do – should I just remove all this stuff too!?

  16. Oops missed some – these are also failing;
    libhal-storage.so.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-mount-0.4-5.i386
    libhal-storage.so.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-vfs2-2.14.2-1.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-mount-0.4-5.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) gphoto2-2.1.99-8.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-volume-manager-1.5.15-1.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) pm-utils-0.15-1.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-vfs2-2.14.2-1.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-utils-2.14.0-5.fc5.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) hal-cups-utils-0.5.5-1.2.fc5.2.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) nautilus-cd-burner-2.14.3-2.fc5.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) NetworkManager-0.6.4-1.fc5.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.4-1.fc5.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) desktop-printing-0.19-8.fc5.i386
    libhal.so.1 is needed by (installed) gnome-power-manager-2.14.3-1.i386

  17. Moe

    Carson, you are a GOD of Linux & FC5/ FC6! I was dreading downloading a 4GB DVD image file and installing FC6 (over FC5) from a scratch. Your procedure works like a charm. Thanks a lot for posting your sinple procedure.

  18. andre

    yes..finnaly it's done..using zod now..:D
    i have to remove thunderbird and firefox cos in fed core 5 i've already used the new one (firefox 2 & thunderbird but in fed core 6 repo only firefox 1.5 and thunderbird conflict before i remove them..

  19. tony

    Well yum update broke my hush. A yum update of FC4 made the machine unstable (scrolling in Firefox froze the machine)

    After the upgrade FC4->FC5->FC6 the machine runs no more

  20. Luci

    When issuing the yum -y update I get the following error message:
    Error: Missing Dependency: libdbus-1.so.2 is needed by package dbus-qt
    Error: Missing Dependency: dbus = 0.62 is needed by package dbus-qt

    How do I remove those packages?
    P.S. you said that you removed packages to get past dependancies: I am a newbee and I don't know how to do that.
    Please help me!

    thank you

  21. Jamo

    You need to either resolve the dependency, or remove the package that relies on it. You can do this via yum remove . Im not sure what dbus-qt actually does, but you "may" be able to remove it, continue with the update, and re-install it later. OR perhaps an easier way is to do the upgrade the recommended way – via the installation CD :)

  22. Dusty

    Good job! As long as you read what he wrote and make sure your currently up-to-date everything should install great!
    *tips his fedora for you my friend..*

  23. Updated worked fine … this is coming from FC4, upgraded 2 months ago to FC5 and now FC6.

    I needed to remove any old (pre .17) kernel installations (find them with rpm -qa | grep kernel) and put in the new .18 kernel manually. I also had to rename the folder /usr/include/pqxx/pqxx and install a couple or RPMs from the cache manually (rpm -i –force) as well as uninstall some RPMs manually (rpm -e). What was also good, was to run a "yum clean all" followed by a second "yum -y update".

  24. eric

    when i run yum -y update it says i need to be root what does that mean?

  25. Tom

    You have to login with root privilages. In a terminal window type 'su', press enter and it will ask you for your root password. Then you can do 'yum update'.

  26. Henri

    I'm having problems with this upgrade. Is there anyway to go just back to fc5

    my problem is conflicts which i can't resolve.

    yum -y update says:
    Error: elfutils-libs conflicts with elfutils > 0.119-1.2.1
    Error: elfutils-libelf conflicts with elfutils > 0.119-1.2.1

    and when I try to:
    [root@ghill ~]# rpm -erase -repackage elfutils-libs
    rpm: arguments to –root (-r) must begin with a /

    so how I can resolve this, or how i can go back to fc5?

  27. Stewart adam

    Many thanks for your concise instructions … worked like a charm going from FC5 to FC6. Yum did what Anaconda could not do from either the CD set or the DVD owing to a bug of some sort.

    The only small glitch I found was a program called 'seamonkey' which I had Yum remove and then just continued on with the update.

    FC6 is certainly an improvement on FC5.

  28. Robert Thille

    you need to use two minus signs before erase and repackage. –erase –repackage.

  29. Juan J. Zubeldia

    I did follow your instructions. Once verything has been dowloaded (approx 1Gb) i get:
    Running Transaction Test
    Segment violation

    How shall I proceed from this point?


  30. George Delisle

    It all worked like a charm for me. The only problem I encountered was that bringing my system up to the 2.6.19 kernel broke my Cisco VPN client. I found a quick fix for that here:


  31. Matt Castelein
  32. Matt Castelein

    Well after downloading the fedora-release and release-notes elsewhere all seems to be going well; I had to remove "mplayer" and "transcode" and "mplayer-fonts" for deps but I'll add these back later.

  33. Richard

    If you have problems with Cisco VPN clients, bin them and use vpnc instead. Just do yum install vpnc, set up the very basic config file and log in as before. Works like a dream and you don't have to recompile it into the kernel every time you patch

  34. I just followed steps 1-4 to from FC5 to FC6 and it worked well. I will share my experience in case it helps others, but first thanks to all who contributed. I have a fairly vanilla FC5 install from disks some time ago, and had been using yum to stay up-to-date. So I went and re-ran yum on FC5 (step1) first. Then I tried step 3 (forgot to do step2), and it failed with a dependency message. It was one package and I removed it since it was not critical "fedorafaq"…Then I reran step 2 to be safe. :) Then I did step 3 and it took about 10 minutes. Then I did step 4 and it took about 3 hours. I have a pretty fast connection (LAN)…After that I restarted, and everything seems to be OK so far. I have it on an P4 HP Compaq for development.

  35. Prakash

    I have following erroe while FC4 to FC6 upgrade of my Desktop AMD 2400+ VIA chipset KT4V 6712 MSI Main Board with kingston 512 MB RAM.
    Please any body have solution. Please replay to me.

    –> Running transaction check
    Error: Missing Dependency: mozilla = 37:1.7.8-2 is needed by package mozilla-mail
    Error: Missing Dependency: libgnomecanvaspixbuf.so.1 is needed by package gtkhtml
    Error: Missing Dependency: mozilla = 37:1.7.8-2 is needed by package mozilla-chat
    Error: Missing Dependency: libgcj.so.6 is needed by package eclipse-pydev
    Error: Missing Dependency: libgcj.so.6 is needed by package struts11
    Error: Missing Dependency: hpoj = 0.91-13 is needed by package hpoj-devel
    Error: Missing Dependency: libcrypto.so.5 is needed by package ckermit
    Error: Missing Dependency: mozilla = 37:1.7.8-2 is needed by package mozilla-dom-inspector
    Error: Missing Dependency: libcrypto.so.5 is needed by package perl-RPM2
    Error: Missing Dependency: /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XKeysymDB is needed by package openmotif
    Error: Missing Dependency: mozilla = 37:1.7.8-2 is needed by package mozilla-js-debugger
    Error: Missing Dependency: libssl.so.5 is needed by package ckermit
    Error: Missing Dependency: libssl.so.5 is needed by package perl-RPM2
    Error: Unable to satisfy dependencies
    Error: Package hpoj-devel needs hpoj = 0.91-13, this is not available.
    Error: Package openmotif needs /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XKeysymDB, this is not available.
    Error: Package ckermit needs libcrypto.so.5, this is not available.
    Error: Package mozilla-js-debugger needs mozilla = 37:1.7.8-2, this is not available.
    Error: Package perl-RPM2 needs libcrypto.so.5, this is not available.
    Error: Package mozilla-dom-inspector needs mozilla = 37:1.7.8-2, this is not available.
    Error: Package kudzu needs kernel

  36. rob

    Thanks for this. I had a few dependency problems that needed to be resolved but worked a treat after I'd sorted them out. For those who run into the same issues this is how I fixed them.

    I did a 'yum remove ' for each of the 'Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package ' error messages and made a note of every package and it's dependencies that I removed. I then did the 'yum -y upgrade' and when it completed I used yum to reinstall all of the packages I removed.

    I'm not sure why yum couldn't resolve these dependencies buy its self, maybe someone can enlighten me.


  37. Dave

    i have yum down to the following problems

    Error: Unable to satisfy dependencies
    Error: Package autofs needs kernel

  38. Phil

    I managed to download all the files that are needed and it didnt start loading the updates. the last thing i seen was a error about no more mirrors but its alredy download them all or was atleast at the finial one.
    Is there a way to get it to start where it finished?

  39. will

    +1 to vpnc – works like a charm.

    You WILL have to break and remake your connections
    at least once every 8 hours or so, when your vpn
    host decides it's time to handshake a new key.

    No clue if that might be fixed someday, but that
    small inconvenience is nothing compared to fighting
    with cisco's crufty make on each kernel minor bump.

  40. Mithun

    Did it via network yum install via network

    I am doing it from my X . Everything went smooth with some yum remove for the missing deps. Now going to reboot ……

  41. Mithun

    Yes it worked perfectly
    A million thanks to all of you……especially carson…

  42. Gordon

    I have completed this (once dependencies dealt with) but at boot up my machine still says loading FC5?
    Also if I do a "rpm -q kernel" I get:


    (two kernels!?)
    Does anyone have any ideas what is up or I have done wrong?


  43. Richard

    Gordon, remove the .15 kernel before doing it fully. Its one of the main deps of FC5 to FC6 and I don't think yours succeeded by the look of it.

  44. Gordon

    Cheers Richard,
    This got me back on right track.
    I did this, ran yum update but still didn't get FC6, so ran GUI yum and chose FC6 kernel.
    Now on FC6, still some kinks to iron out but 99% there.


  45. Richard

    FC5 to FC6 can sometimes fail on CUPS, because FC5 Updates has a newer version thant FC6 updates.

    If you see lots of warnings about GNUTILS and cups, then simply go to rpmfind.net and download a fc6 version greater than 1.2.8-1.

    You will need cups and cups-libs.
    now run yum localupdate and list the two rpms in full and it will do a upgrade. you can then run yum update again to finialise the updates.
    eg yum localupdate cups-1.2.8-2.fc6.rpm cups-lib-1.2.8-2.fc6.rpm

  46. Richard

    If we are talking yum update, instead of using rpm
    you can use yum list e.g. yum list kernel. This will show all installed kernels and all available kernels
    you can also use yum remove to remove a rpm binary

  47. Steve Pardee

    It isn't all that bad. After upgrading run yum update and it will show which dependencies didn't upgrade. rpm -e them and then get current. It does work at least in my environment.

  48. Ariel

    Hello I do all the steps show up, BUT i got the follow error messages
    http://centos.karan.org/el6/extras/stable/i386/RPMS/repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno 14] HTTP Erro r 404: Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 22:28:24 GMT


    Cannot open/read repomd.xml file for repository: kbs-CentOS-Extras
    failure: repodata/repomd.xml from kbs-CentOS-Extras: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.
    Error: failure: repodata/repomd.xml from kbs-CentOS-Extras: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to tr y.

    please someone can help me…

    tanks you.

  49. Seth

    WOW! That was easy. Thanks!

  50. Guy

    Odd, went without problems. Installed over 2000 filessets! However the kernel is still:
    # uname -a
    Linux mylinux 2.6.20-1.2312.fc5smp #1 SMP Tue Apr 10 15:30:02 EDT 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

    When I do yum update it says "No Packages marked for Update/Obsoletion".

    How do I know what packages are missing?
    Can I assume only the kernel?

    Help please!


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