1. Deb


    I have been trying this and getting an error as follows:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in E:\WEBHOME\phpvideo\file1.php on line 34

    Could you please help?


  2. Deb

    Also an another error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function Ming_setScale() in E:\WEBHOME\phpvideo\file1.php on line 29


  3. Hello Debs: Your first error is at line 34 is due to background color setting. Since you copy the whole data from browser direct to you r php editor. delete

    line and type by hand;

    (since x in 0x33 is the problem here )
    then your first problem will be solved.

  4. Debs,

    For your second error:

    Make sure that Ming Library is installed perfectly on your server.

    you can install it by apt-get (if enabled)

  5. Can You help me please. I try to implement this in ruby, but I've not enough skills for that.

    I want not the complete solution. But a little "scaffold" would be fine ;)

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