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Upgrade to Fedora 13 from Fedora 12

After a week delay Fedora 13 has been released and it is time to upgrade of course. As always there are a decent number of features in this release but here are a few that stand out to me:

  • – A small bootable image to start the install from.
  • IntelliJ IDEA – IntelliJ IDEA community edition. I'm glad to see my favorite IDE make it in along with Netbeans and Eclipse even if it is just the stripped down version.
  • Python 3 – Running along side Python 2.
  • Nouveau DisplayPort – Support for NVIDIA cards with a DisplayPort.
  • Radeon DisplayPort – Support for Radeon cards with a DisplayPort.
  • NetworkManager Command Line – A command line interface for NetworkManager. As much as I find myself hating NetworkManager maybe this will help.
  • Gnome 2.30 – The latest stable version of Gnome.
  • KDE 4.4 – The latest stable version of KDE.

Check out the Fedora 13 feature list for all the major features in this release.

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Faceted Search With Sphinx

I decided to use the Sphinx search engine for the GeeQe iPhone app I build last year because it was fast and had a very small memory footprint. Recently I wanted to experiment with a search interface that had facets and wondered if I would need to move away from Sphinx to something like Solr. As it turns out Sphinx can do faceted search almost as well as Solr can. The first half of what follows contains instructions on how to get Sphinx ready for faceted searches. If you are familiar with setting up Sphinx and already have data indexed by Sphinx you may find it better to skip to the second half after reading the intro to faceted search.

You have almost certainly seen faceted searching or faceted browsing already. A lot of online retailers now use facets in their online stores. Here are a few examples:

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