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Direct Browser Uploading – Amazon S3, CORS, FileAPI, XHR2 and Signed PUTs

I've been hacking around with FileAPI and XHR2 in HTML5 recently (more on why hopefully in another month or so). So when Amazon announced S3 CORS support I figured I should create a demo of directly uploading a file to S3 from a browser.

The first thing to understand is that while the upload happens directly to S3 there still needs to be some server side code that signs the URL used by the PUT call. That bit of code is really simple and I'm including an example at the end for both PHP and Ruby. If you want to skip to the fun part you can check out the PHP and Ruby example code on github (instructions there on deploying to Heroku as well).

Second there are a good number of technologies involved here so I've compiled a list of helpful links in case you aren't already familiar with them and/or want a reference:

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