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Segmenting WebM Video and the MediaSource API

For a while now I've seen people ask when support for Apple's Pantos HTTP live streaming would make it past Safari and iOS. The answer seems to have been that it wasn't clear that Pantos streaming was the best option and something else would come about eventually that would be more flexible. There have been other options but they involve either Flash or Silverlight and most people want something that works with html5 video. After a long wait it seems like the time is getting close now with the MediaSource API.

The MediaSource API has experimental support in Chrome and can be enabled by using the chrome://flags option. To see it in action you can go to the MediaSource demo page. You can also read a litte more about it here although the spec linked to above is probably a better place to learn about it.

A while ago I created a tool for segmenting H264 video in a Pantos compliant way. When I saw the MediaSource API I wondered how the same type of tool might fit in. The first thing to note is that the Pantos draft describes a complete technique for video streaming while the MediaSource API gives you the tools to stream video and leaves the technique. What follows is a simple technique for segmenting a WebM video in a way that allows standard streaming with the MediaSource API in the same fasion as the Pantos draft technique. While this example will not support variable rate streams it could be expanded to do so and would be the next logical step.

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