Monthly Archives: May 2007

Lots of new releases this week

It seems like this week has been release week for "web 2.0" stuff. Facebook F8 went live last week. All kinds of apps have followed.

Google released Maplets, a mashup editor, and Google Gears

Mapquest released an updated mapquest API that uses actionscript.

The one thing I note in all of these new releases is the lack of SOAP or enterprise related. Maybe it is just the current wave but most people seem to be embracing the less complicated API infrastructure.

Anonymous functions in PHP

I ran into this and found it interesting. Someone has added support for anonymous functions in PHP.

With the patch you can now do stuff like:

$data = array("zoo", "orange", "car", "lemon", "apple");
usort($data, function($a, $b) { return strcmp($a, $b); });
var_dump($data); # data is sorted alphabetically 

Before you had to use a funky function generation call.