Monthly Archives: December 2006

How to build FlowPlayer from source

I have mentioned the free open source flash video player FlowPlayer before in my post about adding cuepoints and create flash videos. It is a great free flash video player that you can modify yourself. After writing about adding metadata to your flash videos I decided to add support for calling javascript from FlowPlayer one cue events. The first step to modifying the FlowPlayer source is to be able to build FlowPlayer from source.

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Mingruby 0.1.8 released

I have brought the Ming Ruby library up to date with Ming 0.3, added patches submitted by users over the past year and included a ton of user supplied examples. I hope to find time soon to include the real examples on a page by themselves with the code needed to generate each. You can check it out on rubyforge: Ming Ruby 0.1.8

Using Flash video metadata to display annotations

Now that you can create a streaming Flash video player with PHP or Ruby and you know add metadata for cuepoints to Flash videos you are ready for something else. The following code will show you how to create a video player with PHP that will watch for metadata events and display annotations contained inside the metadata either over the video itself or in a div on the same page as the movie.
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How to create and use Flash video metadata to add cue-points with flvtool2

Adding cue-points allows you to spice up your flash videos created with FFMpeg. Adding metadata to a FLV will allow you to introduce cue-points that have their own metadata that can be display when the cue-point is reached or let you jump to that cue-point. In the following tutorial you will learn how to add metadata to your FLV files using flvtool2 and how it is useful for adding cue-points.
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