Monthly Archives: March 2006

Credit card type and luhn check in ruby

I was looking at implementing a luhn and credit card type check the other day in java and I noticed that there seems to be a lack of code for doing this in ruby. So I figured I would put something together for doing the checks in ruby.

The following function will do a luhn check for a given number (any number not just credit card numbers). The luhn algorithm is fairly simple, if you want to learn more about it check here.

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GIS Geocoding experiments

I've been evaluating a couple different mapping software packages recently and the other day I noticed that the same addresses geocoded (for those who don't know what geocoding is you can find out more about it here) to different locations. They are mostly the same but I figured it was interesting enough to do some more digging and see how different mapping services compared.I looked at the following services. Some of them are commercial services with open apis (ESRI and mapquest) and some of them are non-commercial services with open apis (yahoo and google although google does not have a geocoding api).

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